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Promotional Flyers

Purple Monkey's colourful, long lasting digitally printed cards and promotional flyers make a bold statement, with superb quality promotional products that are great for mailshots or leafleting campaigns. For widespread recognition of your company name, product or logo, mass distribution of flyers and cards will really get your message across. You can upload any digital image you fancy for your campaign, including photographs, original artwork or designs, and we offer a range of sizes and materials at a competitive cost. Printed on Xerox premium paper/card stock, available in A6 ,DL ,A5 and A4.

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Flyers (Low Qty)

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A4 A5 A6 DL
100 £33.56 £31.03 £27.60 £28.87
250 £39.98 £33.40 £29.15 £31.62
500 £49.63 £35.63 £29.88 £33.75
1000 £58 £37 £31 £36.13

High Quality 170gsm Flyers.

  • Print: The Latest Technology Digital Print.
  • Print method: Direct to Material.
  • Printed: Single or double sided.
  • Material: 170gsm Silk ,Gloss or Uncoated.
  • Need artwork producing? we have an outstanding design Team here at Purple Monkey, capable of a quick turnaround to meet your deadlines. We simply charge £30.00 an hour + VAT.
  • Simple Change: If you have a simple change to the artwork file then give us a call on 01745 341671, this could take less than 1 hour and less than £30.00 + VAT.

A4 Flyers Template                                                         DL Flyers Template

pdf purple monkey icons PDF Template Download                                   pdf purple monkey icons PDF Template Download

psd file logo PSD Template Download                                   psd file logo PSD Template Download 

jpeg file logo JPEG Template Download                                jpeg file logo JPEG Template Download                                                                              

A6 Flyers Template                                                        A5 Flyers Template 

pdf purple monkey icons PDF Template Download                                  pdf purple monkey icons PDF Template Download   

psd file logo PSD Template Download                                  psd file logo PSD Template Download  

jpeg file logo JPEG Template Download                                jpeg file logo JPEG Template Download