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The ingredients of a successful promotional flyer

8 June 2018

Flyers are one of the most established and successful ways to grab attention for your business, promotion or event. But, they’re tricky to get right: you’ve got limited space to prove your point and get your message across. We’ve gathered some of the most essential ingredients of the best flyers out there:

They are short and sweet

The average person has an attention span of less than 8 seconds. That’s not long to communicate all the essential information. So, you’ve not got any time to waste. You’ve got to work on boiling your message down to the most crucial, convincing elements – and make sure you leave your contact details if they’ve got any more questions.

They make good use of space

Utilising infographics has been proven to boost engagement: the combination of visuals and text is a powerful one. Make sure you’re utilising text boxes, bullets and spacing to create a clear sense of structure and organisation. A big block of text is only going to turn potential readers away.

They have a catchy, informative headline

Around 80% of people will only read the title of an advertisement, blog post or flyer. So an eye-catching, informative title is vital: you want to leave your potential customer with a good idea of what you do, even if they only have a few seconds.

They include a strong call-to-action

Avoid using the passive voice – it doesn’t encourage action. A clear instruction, like ‘Call today’ or ‘Get in touch’, especially coupled with convincing copy and an attractive design, are infinitely more likely to lead to conversions and interest. Research shows calls-to-action should be clearly distinguishable from the body text, so try experimenting with different fonts, text, or colours, while keeping a consistent visual language when flyer printing.

They use testimonials

Social proof is a powerful tool in the hands of an adept marketer. Potential customers are much more convinced by former customers, who have less of an incentive to overstate the positives of a product, than sales copy alone. So a positive, clear testimonial is a fantastic way to inspire confidence and make your promotional flyers successful.

Purple Monkey

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