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The benefits of portable exhibition display stands

20 December 2017

In the modern-day business world, we have seen the move towards digital. But that hasn’t diluted the value of face to face meetings – if anything, it has increased the importance of pressing flesh, rather than relying on contact via email or messaging. For this reason, conferences and exhibitions in the UK are still popular, as companies from many sectors set out to give themselves a physical, rather than predominantly digital, presence.

In this blog, we look at the benefits of something which can be an exhibitor’s best friend – the portable exhibition stand.

Portable exhibition stands can be used multiple times

If you are a regular exhibitor or even one which attends the same event every year, it can be nonsensical to pay for new exhibition graphics each time. A portable exhibition stand gives you a set up which you can use more than once, saving yourself a pretty penny.

Portable exhibition stands are easy to store and transport

Typically, portable exhibition stands are designed to fold away into a manageable size. That doesn’t just mean that they are easier to transport to an event, requiring a smaller vehicle for transport – it also means they won’t be taking up a massive amount of space in the office, warehouse or home where it is stored for most of the time.

Portable exhibition stands are versatile

Don’t think that portable exhibition stands are a one trick pony. They can come as stands which are meant to be a standalone pop-up display or form part of bigger displays. That gives exhibitors some leeway when it comes to filling various size spaces which they are allocated at different events.

Repeat exhibition stand usage reduces waste

Have you ever considered the number of exhibition stands which meet a destructive end as they are consigned to landfill? With exhibition stands which are used on a one-off basis, this can often be the way they are disposed of with regularity. For this reason, investing in an exhibition stand which you can use effectively more than once certainly puts a tick in the box of sustainability.

So there you have it; four key benefits of using portable exhibition display stands, surely one of the most useful inventions in the world of conferences and exhibitions.

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