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What is a mesh banner and how are they used?

31 January 2018

When you’re doing an outside event, you’ve got to consider not only appearance and how attractive and eyeball-grabbing your banner is, but you’ve also got to think about where you are placing your banner and what the weather conditions might be like.

The UK isn’t exactly known for its balmy and calm weather. At an outdoor event in winter, you’re quite likely to experience sun, rain, wind, sleet and hail all in the space of one afternoon, so you need to use banner materials that can produce the impact you’re after and still stand up to the conditions outside. This is where mesh banners come in.

What is a mesh banner?

Mesh banners are made from hard wearing, highly durable PVC, but instead of being a solid piece of plastic, they are perforated with thousands of small holes that allow sound, light and that pesky UK wind to pass through.

Why choose a mesh banner?

With a solid PVC banner, the plastic acts as a barrier to the wind, and you could find that the wind causes the banner to flap and twist, losing the visibility of your message and potentially causing damage to your new banner. Not only that, but a solid PVC banner will block out the light getting to your store front if you place one across your windows, making your gorgeous shop interior look gloomy and unattractive.

A mesh banner, on the other hand, will allow the wind to pass through those tiny holes, reducing the strain on the plastic and the likelihood of damage, as well as keeping your message highly visible. And, if you choose to wrap your shop windows with a mesh banner, you won’t have a problem, as light will stream through into your interior.

What can you use a mesh banner for?

No matter what the weather does, your mesh banner will last and last due to the highly robust material it is made from, which is UV light-resistant and weatherproof.

Mesh banners are the perfect solution for outdoor events, such as festivals, sports events and markets, and work perfectly for high-flying signage.

Mesh banner printing produces a high-quality finish that really stands out, whether you are printing text, your company logo or photographs. Although each banner is full of tiny holes, this doesn’t make any difference to your mesh banner design or to the final result on printing, as 70% of the banner can still be printed on for an incredible, eye-catching result.

Check out our mesh banners page, download a template to help you with your design and order yours today.

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